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Talk to Your HVAC Sub Early and Often

In building a home there are many different people who have to be consulted. The architect and general contractor, the buyer and maybe the investors are just a few. Most of the trades, the people who actually put the house together, aren’t consulted until most of the big decisions have already been made. If you’re a builder you know this is the case and if you’re a home buyer this probably sounds pretty reasonable to you. For the most part … Continue reading »

Multi-family Energy Upgrades (Performance Matters)

The age of the average multi-family building in America is now more than 30 years old. These facilities are great candidates for building performance retrofits. While new construction multi-family projects have been booming there has been less focus on updating existing facilities. So, where are the big opportunities?

HVAC: most of the units have systems that are as old as the buildings themselves. Or, worse yet, the owners of these buildings typically change out equipment with no regard to ensuring … Continue reading »

Spray Foam Insulation – Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

I’ve got to say I’m a huge fan of a good bargain. I can’t think of anyone I know who isn’t. The danger can be spending money on something only to find out it wasn’t what you thought. This is a huge danger in the construction world. Often times the true value or lack of value in a product or service isn’t very evident from the outset. Too often only experience can yield the wisdom necessary to make good decisions … Continue reading »

Benefits of Atlanta HVAC Inspections

Think of your home’s health as you would your personal health – the key to optimally maintaining both is preventing problems in the first place, not treating the resulting symptoms. Among the many functioning components of your home that require regular inspection, your heating and cooling units are two of the most important.

To keep your house healthy, you should inspect its major elements; make minor repairs to avoid larger, future repairs; and rely on professionals with extensive area knowledge … Continue reading »

Caring for Atlanta Heating and Cooling Systems

Your heating and cooling systems guarantee year around comfort in the home or workplace, so being proactive about maintaining them is necessary. If cared for regularly and properly, your units should last you several years and operate efficiently.

Don’t delay service

Many people think that having their heating and cooling systems serviced is unnecessary if they seem to be working. In fact, you should have a professional come to inspect your systems annually to ensure they’re operating optimally. A small, … Continue reading »